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As great believers in people power, Enlow and Associates know that the most successful businesses are built on executives they employ. Our deep insight into the industry – gained over more than three decades – ensures Enlow and Associates are perfectly placed to advise clients on recruitment strategy, source the finest executives, and offer expertise in both the recruitment and retention of top talent.

Enlow and Associates are a top executive search firm, passionate about our industry, and we take a personalized approach to our job, tailoring effective solutions to each individual client. It is about more than recruitment. We become partners, working collaboratively to create long-term solutions, carefully crafting high-performance teams of exceptionally-qualified top talent. That is how Enlow and Associates have become one of the best executive recruiting firms in the business.

Working in Silicon Valley, across California, and beyond, we know that our services are key to the future of any company, so we maintain a laser focus on the job at hand, battling to ensure we deliver the best talent from around the world.

With the dedication of Mark and his team, you can be confident you will be sourcing the finest executives from around the world to make your business a success.

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Enlow and Associates donate six-figure sum to local charity
July 19, 2021

Enlow and Associates donate six-figure sum to local charity

Executive search firm Enlow and Associates, led by Mark Enlow, proud to have made a $1M donation to leading local charity, the North Bay Children’s Center.   Enlow and Associates is a national leader in executive search, a form of specialized recruitment for senior-level positions. Led by CEO Mark Enlow, the firm and its team […]

Enlow and Associates
May 27, 2021

Enlow and Associates: Understanding Recruitment Strategy for Building an Effective Workforce

The people at Enlow and Associates are big believers in people power. As a successful business owner or HR professional, you understand that any successful enterprise depends on its entire team for great results, top-notch productivity, and a solid bottom line. Enlow and Associates is a leading recruiting firm working in Silicon Valley, where top-quality […]

Enlow and Associates
April 14, 2021

Enlow and Associates Advises Company Leaders on Today’s Most Effective Recruiting Tactics

Enlow and Associates understand that companies of all sizes are seeing an increased need to fill top leadership positions with the right talent to navigate challenging markets. With the firm’s extensive experience in executive recruiting, Enlow and Associates offer several important tips for businesses that are recruiting for top positions like this. Embrace Virtual Connections More than anything, […]

Giving Back: Enlow and Associates Donates $1M to North Bay Children's Center
March 6, 2021

Giving Back: Enlow and Associates Donates $1M to North Bay Children’s Center

The Mark Enlow Family of Enlow and Associates Gifts Grant to Serve the North Bay Area’s Most Vulnerable Children In 2019, the Mark Enlow Family of Enlow and Associates, a top executive search firm, provided the North Bay Children’s Center with a $1M grant. The grant went toward the Center’s $7.5M campaign to rebuild its […]

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