A Review of the Essential Books on Family Business Management

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October 21, 2022

A Review of the Essential Books on Family Business Management

Family businesses must be managed like any other business. However, family harmony and business ethics do not always mix. To maintain family harmony, there are several things you should remember when managing your family business. This article outlines the most important principles of family business management. It also contains a review of the essential family business management books.

SVSU offers opportunities tied specifically to family business management

SVSU offers a variety of programs and opportunities tied specifically to family business. The family business concentration emphasizes human resources management, organizational behavior, financial management, business and family governance, and succession planning. It builds on the core education for business majors, such as statistics, marketing, and operations. Many courses also include a hands-on component. Students gain practical knowledge by meeting family business owners and participating in tours of family-owned facilities. Moreover, students can apply their knowledge through internships, co-ops, and research projects.

12 essentials of family business management

Family businesses face several issues that require effective management. These challenges can be particularly acute when family members join the company without understanding their role. As such, the family members involved in the business must be clear about their roles, compensation, and exit strategies. Additionally, there must be clarity about any responsibilities beyond the scope of the parent’s influence.

One of the significant issues that plague family businesses is conflict. Families often hesitate to discuss complex issues for fear of damaging relationships, but avoiding conflict can be worse than beneficial. However, families that learn to deal with conflict often find that getting it out into the open brings positive change. Many of these conflicts arise from differences in life cycles. Family business advisers can help families navigate these sticky issues.

Book review for family business management

The book is written by an established family business consultant, Scott E. Friedman, and offers a wealth of information on how to run a family business. It covers the basics, including legal issues, succession, and financing. It also provides material for creating a strategic business plan. Published by the Upstart Publishing Company, this book is a good resource for those who run a family business.

This book was an excellent read. It helps the reader reflect on their own lives, a sense of purpose, and interpersonal skills. This book also helps the reader improve their teamwork skills. It also discusses the various subsystems and rules of a family business. In addition, it stresses that family members should understand their limits and how to change others.

Course in Granada

If you’d like to start a family business or improve your current one, a Family business management course in Granada may be the right choice. Located in the heart of Granada’s largest campus, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers students a variety of resources and services that can help them succeed. This includes the possibility of using the faculty’s gym, study space, and library.

The University of Granada offers a certificate and diploma course in family business management. Its systems incorporate theoretical concepts with practical applications and encourage teamwork and class discussions. The classes are taught in English and Spanish by internationally experienced experts.

SVSU’s family business management program

SVSU’s Family Business Management program equips students with the skills and vision to succeed in a family business. The curriculum focuses on problem-solving skills, leadership, and organizational design. Students are exposed to real-world corporate challenges. Their expert faculty and AACSB accreditation prepare them to become influential leaders.

The college connects students with various business organizations and helps them network with others. For example, students who study family-business at SVSU can participate in the Global Family Enterprise Case Competition, which challenges student teams to develop innovative solutions to complex family business issues. Teams from SVSU compete with teams from other universities across the U.S. The competition is a unique and unforgettable learning experience.