Enlow and Associates: Understanding Recruitment Strategy for Building an Effective Workforce

Enlow and Associates

May 27, 2021

Enlow and Associates

The people at Enlow and Associates are big believers in people power. As a successful business owner or HR professional, you understand that any successful enterprise depends on its entire team for great results, top-notch productivity, and a solid bottom line. Enlow and Associates is a leading recruiting firm working in Silicon Valley, where top-quality talent is an absolute necessity. We spoke with a handful of Enlow and Associates‘ leading management to find out more about competitive recruitment strategy. Here’s what we learned.

Enlow and Associates: Understanding Recruitment Strategy for Building an Effective Workforce
Modern workers must operate in an interconnected, global market, Enlow and Associates explain. As technology, demand, and the expectations of workers change, you need to choose the right hiring strategy for your business model to find the right talent for your needs. Enlow and Associates discussed four proven strategies for building a new workforce. Enlow and Associates stressed, no one strategy is exclusive to any other. They can be used in tandem, or interchangeably, depending on economic conditions, availability, budget, and other considerations.

Leading With Data Analytics
There is a massive wealth of data readily available to help you make the right hiring decisions. Want to know what kind of workers to seek for a specific task? Look at the data. Want to know how many professionals it will take to launch your new ad campaign? Look at the data. No matter how well you know your industry, the economy is always in flux. Enlow and Associates argue that’s why professional-grade data analytics is your best bet at making the right choices.

Recruiting for Future Skills
As technology changes, different skill types move to the fore while others lose relevance. Typing has long been a foundational skill, and it still is. But programming is rapidly becoming the prime mover for all industries. Hiring people with programming skills now, and offering incentives for developing this skill is a good way to stay strong into the 2030s.

Consistent Learning
Creating a culture of ongoing skill improvement is critical. New hires should be prepared to upgrade their capabilities, much as we suggested in the previous example. Ongoing learning, Enlow and Associates tell us, is the best way to build the kind of capabilities and loyalty that other firms will have a hard time competing within the foreseeable future.

Building Broad Talent Pools
Increasingly, the most desirable employees are those that exhibit broad-spectrum competencies. Meeting new challenges, remaining competitive, and getting the benefits of an intellectually diverse workforce demands that your team be masters of multiple trades.

With over 30 years of cumulative experience, Enlow and Associates are a proven leader in recruiting amid the changing challenges of the modern workplace. While many companies insist on doing recruiting DIY style, this company has shown that your best bet is to work with Silicon Valley’s leading HR professionals.